La Chocolate

Every town has one of those bakeries that has catered to your parents' sweet tooth and now is fulfilling all your cravings. La Chocolate is just that. Located in multiple areas of Chennai, it's known for curating cakes, cookies, all baked goods and now, Specialty Coffee too!

What pairs best with Banana Cake? A Latte. And now, what pairs well with a Chilli Cheese Toast? Of Course a Cold Coffee! Offering cakes, cookies, baked goods and savouries for many years now, it was only wise that La Chocolate introduced a Coffee Menu!

Well, I did just that for this beautiful bakery located in the bylanes of Chennai. This bakery caters to a community of vegetarians, in and around Egmore. It's difficult to imagine a bakery without the use of egg isn't it? That's what I thought! But the team at La Chocolate pulls everything with so much grace, that you crave for more, always!!!

When I met Mr Habeeb, the founder of La Chocolate; his only concern was "there's not enough good coffee in Chennai!" Having stayed for a long time in Malaysia and Singapore, he wanted to indulge in the intricacies of Cloud Latte, velvety Flat Whites, Lungos and even Bubble Tea infused coffees back to his native. His simple mission : "I want people in Chennai to drink Coffee as it should be"

Now the thing is, when I visit Chennai, I see coffee being made thrice a day in each home and uncles, chatting on the streets with their filter coffee in hand. This filter coffee is unique to South India, made using strong coffee decoction combined with sugar and a frothy cup of milk, consumed in small quantities. With having built one cafe in Chennai already, this was a chance to mingle with an audience that came in for the cake but stayed for the coffee. It's called Sone pe Suhaaga! Search that if you're not from India.

The idea to create a menu at La Chocolate was simple. Introducing items on the menu that go well with sweets and on their own, mostly the ones people could order from home and still tasted great, because we all order cakes online. This meant choosing a really good bodied coffee that would compliment the sweet menu as well as the savoury. Two Coffees were selected for this project : both from Agama Estates in Chikmagalur. An espresso blend, created specifically for La Chocolate and a Single Origin that would make amazing Iced Coffee to beat the Chennai heat.

The menu offers hot and cold flights, with and without milk; a section of classics and house specials. Each beverage goes out with a cookie or a biscotti and every month (wait, this is a good part), La Chocolate organises coffee events so we get a chance to share our knowledge and beverages with you, our customer.

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