Canvas by Sketch

In a city which drinks filter coffee night and day; introducing an aeropress, a cold brew and an espresso tonic was a fantasy fulfilled. Let's just say: Canvas by Sketch is an Instagrammable tropical vibe cafe with an irresistible coffee bar.

Canvas by Sketch came as a source of light in my otherwise stranded consultancy life! One of the best things that happened to me in 2019!

Flooded with natural light, splashed with flamingo pink and tropical green - this 60-seater cafe has a delightful vibe. A Puducherry-based artist has added to the charm with hand-painted walls of tropical motifs. The tropical theme allows people to escape into a different world when they walk into this café in the heart of Chennai.

It's all in the details. From the handmade custom Nugu plates to the hand-painted walls, each element has a unique backstory to it. But it is honestly the menu that clinches the deal — “Where else can you have a stack of pancakes with a side of burrata and an Espresso Tonic?”

It wasn't even barely a fortnight old and we found the place bustling with diners and wafting with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Customers came in for a cup of Aeropress, to begin with, a manually brewed smooth black coffee and stayed for a Sparkling Citrus Espresso, a foamy and bubbly drink of tonic water, which has the right mix to let the citrus notes shine through, even as the caffeine kicks in.

The coffee menu and bar has been set up by yours truly, where we picked beans from Bengaluru-based Lazy Bee, and used a blend of Arabica and Robusta, for the house blend and 100% Arabica for manual brews and cold brews.

All coffee offerings come under speciality coffee and are scored above 80 by cuppers each year. The Flights on the menu are a must-try.

I walk in the doors of Canvas at 6 in the morning some days and don't step out until 10 at night. Such is the beauty of this cafe and it's beautiful team. It allows you to stay!

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