My Work

Let's talk about all the cafes I have consulted since I started my journey as a Consultant

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    Canvas by Sketch

    In a city which drinks filter coffee night and day; introducing an aeropress, a cold brew and an espresso tonic was a fantasy fulfilled. Let's just say: Canvas by Sketch is an Instagrammable tropical vibe cafe with an irresistible coffee bar.

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    Coffee First

    Necessity is the mother of all inventions and what originated as an idea to bring coffee as a convenient and affordable product, led to the foundation of Coffee First. It's all about premium coffee, that you get on-the-go, and at an affordable price so you can fill your heart to the brim!

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    La Chocolate

    Every town has one of those bakeries that has catered to your parents' sweet tooth and now is fulfilling all your cravings. La Chocolate is just that. Located in multiple areas of Chennai, it's known for curating cakes, cookies, all baked goods and now, Specialty Coffee too!

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    Project Name 01

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