About Geetu

Hi! I always like to start by just saying Hi.

I'm a huge people-person and have spent several years in Hospitality Industry, but few years ago, a serendipitous event attracted me to Specialty Coffee, I loved it and here I am!


You know how it is each one's dream to build a cafe? Well, I help them do that.

All 'Bout Coffee by Geetu is my brand that focuses on spreading knowledge about Indian Specialty Coffee across the world. It builds cafes, curates coffee blends,  menus, events and trains baristas. 

Competing in multiple championships, I have represented India in Taiwan and Amsterdam as a Barista Champion along with hosting and judging various coffee events. 

When I'm not working, you'll often find me eating at numerous places and bursting out my hilarious laughter. I'm very much a kid at heart, love to read, sing (not just in the bathroom!), try new cuisines and travel wherever I can.

Oh, and I also love meeting new people and learning new things, so please feel free to say hello, share a story and if you have a project I can help with, please get in touch.


I'm thrilled, and truly blessed to be a part of the Indian Coffee family and the Specialty Coffee Movement!

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My Latest Projects



With our fast pace lives today, we all look out for spaces that serve us what we desire, as per our need, each time, every time, consistently. What originated as an idea to bring coffee as a convenient and affordable product, led to the foundation of Coffee First. It's all about premium coffee straight from the estates, roasted for espresso, that you get on-the-go, and at an affordable price so you can fill your heart to the brim! 


Pandemic lead us all stay at home, brew more and drink less, because Lockdown! We all rescued to our second favourite drink - coffee (yes, wine still remains the first!). With interactive learning and virtual sessions in demand, Cred invited me to do a Home Brewing Mocktail Session exclusively for their customers. A simple cold brew with flavours and additives is just what we all needed to stay active during our long zoom calls!